We are committed to enabling businesses to improve their corporate brands by applying simple techniques that engage, involve, inspire, influence and call for action. Our services are:

  • Business proof reading
  • Report editing
  • Brand management
  • Speech writing
  • Facilitation
  • PowerPoint coaching

“As a busy executive in non-profits needing to engage audiences, I am delighted to recommend Leya. She brings exceptional energy and passion to projects, and has the special gift of elevating mundane policy and process to visionary levels. Invoking the great human rights champions of history in speech writing and team working, she brings government and public sector professionals back to the true heart of their work: transforming lives and achieving social justice.

Having seen Leya hard at work in policy development and events management, I know first hand that she will prove a significant asset to and uplifting presence in your organisation or team.”

Matt Clifton, Chief Executive at Skillnet Group CIC, England.

Our Clients


Zambia Orphans Aid (ZOA)-UK

ZOA-UK is a small volunteer-run charity that is registered in England and Wales. The founding Trustees are either Zambian, or have lived and worked there. Founded in 2006, the charity aims to enable orphans, vulnerable children and young people to fulfil their potential through education. They do this by providing school uniforms, books, fees and meals. In addition, ZOA-UK builds community schools where no state schools exist and supports school leavers to develop the skills and confidence to secure employment.

Click on the 4 minute film (below) to get an insight into the difference that ZOA-UK has made.

Facilitating sustainable change

To date ZOA-UK’s Trustees have personally covered all low UK overhead costs. ZOA-UK also encourages its in-country partners to develop their own fundraising capacity and seed funds income generating activities to reduce the risks of long-term donor dependency.

Exillia finds her voice

ZOA-UK supports around 1,800 beneficiaries, such as Exillia Kabbadula and Samson Mangena.
Click on the short film (below) of veterinary medicine student Exillia and hear her speak at the historic House of Lords during the charity’s 10th anniversary celebrations in 2016. Exillia eloquently shares her story and talks openly about how ZOA-UK changed her destiny.

Samson’s dream

Listen to Samson talk passionately at the House of Lords about his aspirations for the future and how he has been inspired to make a difference in the lives of young people in Zambia. Samson is currently studying Law.

Tikondane Community Centre

Tikondane Community Centre

The catchment area of Tikondane Community Centre is Katete, Eastern Province in Zambia. Its mission is to fight poverty through improving education, better health and enabling entrepreneurship through initiatives such as the 19 steps out of poverty programme. Tikodane means ‘let us love each other’ in Chichewa. Click on the film below to learn more about Tikodane from Catherine Munyansho who is a native of Katete.

Invest in Tikodane as a tourist, volunteer or donor

The programme’s main source of income is Tiko Lodge (guest house and campsite), where tourists and volunteers enjoy seasonal and organic produce. Tiko actively promotes sustainable tourism and all profits are invested back into the community. Contact Elke Kroeger-Radcliffe, Director, for more information on tikoeducation@gmail.com.

Click on the film below to listen to Nadja’s story about making a difference as a volunteer. Nadja is Danish.

Kachere Development Programme

Kachere Development Programme

“…to contribute to the sustainable transformation of the social, economic and political development process of vulnerable and marginalized rural communities through integrated health and development model to the people of the Eastern Province”, (Chipata, Zambia, close to Malawi).

Kachere tree – Cultural significance

The Kachere is a fig tree, native to Malawi. When mature, the Kachere provides plenty of shade. In the past, this made them an ideal place for traditional Chewa Chiefs to hold court and for missionaries to teach children. For this reason, Kachere trees are a symbol of unity and carry a special status in Malawi. Custom prohibits people from cutting them down, even for firewood.